The G Chronicles

some travels and thoughts

Crocodile Island, Sta. Ana, Cagayan Valley…

Crocodile Island, Sta. Ana…Cagayan Valley, Philippines

Crocodile Island, Sta. Ana…Cagayan Valley, Philippines

Palaui Island, Sta. Ana…

Anguib Beach, Sta. Ana….white sand and clear waters…

Patapat viaduct…border of Ilocos Norte and Cagayan Valley…

Patapat viaduct…border of Ilocos Norte and Cagayan Valley…

Patapat viaduct, Ilocos Norte…..

Patapat viaduct, Ilocos Norte…..

Pamplona, Cagayan…June 2014

Restored old church of Pamplona, Cagayan Valley

Remember Your Dreams, Young Man (For Marben)

We remember you as a curly-haired boy in pajamas

picking me up after night classes at UP Law

and on those hallowed halls you decided

what your future would be…

Remember those dreams, young man

In grade school, your teacher asked all of you

what do you want to be when you grow up,

listening to all professions named you never settled;

as sure and unblinking you replied

- to be the President of the Philippines

You always knew what you wanted

and was willing to work hard for it;

for a generation blessed with wikipedia and google,

I saw you do diligent research on the internet

as you tried to finish a paper for school

the youngest ever to learn how to drive,

you were driving around San Carlos by fifteen;

you single-handedly arranged a day-trip to Sipaway Island,

negotiating with the boatman, arranging for our packed food,

and planning the whole island itinerary

even then we knew, we had faith in you

because you made us believers in your abilities

So know that even when we make bad decisions for ourselves

it is always our choice if they remain mistakes or Life’s lessons learned

Remember your dreams, young man…

GPL 7/12/2014

went on a cross-country roadtrip from region 1 to region 2 of the Philipppines…and finally reached Sta.Ana, Cagayan Valley where nature still captures one’s imagination…